For Women In Recovery

You've done the hard work of getting Clean & Sober, finding your path in sobriety, totally changing your life, living in accordance with principles that are healthier in mind and spirit.

There is so much to be grateful for... but find you have other struggles: health issues, sugar cravings, energy crashes, sleep issues, bloating, intestinal problems, chronic illness and weight gain...

You Didn't Get Sober To Feel Like Crap!

You want to be the best version of yourself, staying active and out of the Doctor's office.

My name is Kathy Catlin and my passion is helping women in recovery take their health and wellness to the next level.

I am a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Holistic Health Coach with 30+ years in recovery, and someone who has struggled through her own health issues... I understand what it takes to achieve your health and wellness goals.

You will find freedom from the sugar obsession, release some weight, and learn how to keep yourself feeling great. As your health coach, I work as a mentor and guide to address your particular needs. As a social worker I can help with the emotional challenges that can arise as you navigate this life change.

As a person in recovery I see many friends struggle with their physical health after putting down the drugs and booze. Sugar addiction is something that gets most of us, in fact when we first get sober we are encouraged to eat hard candies as a strategy to stay away from alcohol!

Learning why we get stuck there will help you move beyond that unhealthy habit, while still feeling totally satisfied and enjoying sweetness. Knowledge is power and it ignites the healing process right away.

Like you, I beat the crap out of my body when I was actively drinking - poor eating habits, poor sleep habits, and too many chemicals. When I got sober, beyond not drinking, I really didn't know what my body needed. It was only after developing health problems of my own that I started my journey to learn how to care for myself.

It's been 14 years since that point. Finally, I found direction that made sense and truly started my healing process. I continue to learn today.​ I am proud to continue my studies by participating in Anthony William's Medical Medium Practitioner Support Group to follow and apply the information he shares in my own practice.

Sharing what I've learned has become my passion. There is no reason you should feel like crap in sobriety. Being active and staying out of the doctor's office is far more fun!

I have three options for us to work together. The first option is my 6-Month "You're Sober, Now Feel Fabulous" Program. We meet twice monthly for six months.

The next option is a 3-Month program, also meeting twice monthly. The "Jumpstart Program" will get you started on the basics to help you establish a foundation.

Finally, you can meet with me for a One Hour Consult. You can schedule sessions as you need them.

Details on all these programs can be found on the Work With Me page.

I’d love to get you started on your health and wellness journey.